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Mormons: Serving Up Hateful Bigotry In America Since 1830

We will not be silent against the inhumane Hate, Bigotry, and Racism and other threats that are directed against us in Public

"God is Love Hate"
As the Hypocrites demonstrated and lived by

Tracy R. Twyman is NOT OK
with Copyrights Infringement of her work:
It is illegal

"I shook my head in an effort to snap myself back into reality. Then I dug into my phone and Google-image- searched until I found a website where some asshole had illegally uploaded a PDF of my book about Baphomet."

Tracy R. Twyman, from Genuflect (Chapter 15)

Facebook Message: Sender: Tracy the boys are really concerned that you may not be safe or have control of your accounts. Can you say something to me so I know its you and your ok ? Jun 3, 2019  Sender: You really hurt _____. I don't think you a very good person. Jun 4, 2019  Seen Jun 4

Sender: Tracy the boys are really concerned that you may not be safe or have control of your accounts. Can you say something to me so I know its you and your ok ?

Jun 3, 2019

Sender: You really hurt _____. I don't think you a very good person.

Jun 4, 2019  Seen Jun 4

Trying to pimp out my wife Tracy to your impotent cuck Boar?

From a Whore with absolutely no self respect, after Tracy Twyman rebuffed the harassment and stalking-behavior attempts from the whore's religious fanatic spouse, as Tracy mentioned to her husband, that she does not trust that person.

There is More Beyond

Remember: Tracy Twyman was not your spouse nor Wife as you convince yourself and in public, in delusion, a False narrative. Tracy was a married woman.

What is between a Man a Woman is not any of your bussiness

You do already have a 'spouse' that you should keep your eyes on her, regardless if she respects herself or not.

Or, fetch something else that is of your class, looks, and intellect that you can, and would allow you, leach on and let you be the cuck that you are

Why the Religious Fanatics, who are attacking us, are devote to spread the 'Word' of Dark, Satanist, pertaining Magic, Black Arts literature & writings?

Is it not against 'God'?

Do you know what are you dealing with?

Do you sense it?..

It overcame you

You serve it

To the parasites who leach on women.. and many of you, You do actively & with no sense of shame, nor self respect, as lacking every moral sense:

• Steal, & encourage others to steal from us, & bring 'God' into it,
• Covet another man wife, while living & dead, stalking her like a rapist and necrophiliac, while your spouses are pimping for the swines as they lack self respect,
• Lie, broadcast falsehood, all the time and spread filth, horrible dark stuff to cause harm, while advertising Christ, and how Religious you are and how 'special' of a perverted deformed being,

You think 'God' is not watching you?

• Bear a False Witness, thus to continue your parasitic futile antics,
• Take other Gods and Idols that you learnt about from stolen materials of Tracy R. Twyman, and serve them well,

..and then you come and lecture us about 'God', 'Spirit' and other nonsense and how everyone should 'Repent..' and Repent and Repent..

 What a Joke..

What is difficult about understanding this?

"Let Go"


"Live and let live"

"No means no"


"What is mine is not yours!"

Apply your own Preachings on your own soul:
Repent! Repent in the name of the Spirit! Repent!

There is More Beyond

"These Religious Fanatics' status had well passed the station of mere Hypocrisy unto idol & demon worshiping and serving."

   "Tracy's written word has the power to 'corrupt' religious zelouts into Satanism, even though she is not advocating such; yet with no inhibition to hide the methodoligy on working with the dark arts.  Tracy's writings undermine the 'belief system' of the religious fanatics, as we have witnessed, specifically absurd American sects' psuedo ideologies. It is rather amusing to observe how these religious fanatics do 'justify' all that contradicts their core belief system's doctrines when embarking on their new found god or idol that they have been exposed to in Tracy's writings, serving the demons that she unleashed.  These Religious Fanatics' status had well passed the station of mere Hypocrisy unto idol & demon worshiping and serving. We must be honest with ourselves, and confess, there is a pleasure in watching so."

To Those Who Have Been Harming & Stalking & Stealing
From Tracy R. Twyman

Thou Shalt Not Steal
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife

We will Not Allow you to cancel Tracy R. Twyman, corrupt her histories, speak falsely on her behalf, and impose on her estate, so you can have a few more 'subscribers' to that which is less than nothing.

You do not own the woman nor her work
Tracy was not your wife, nor ever was

Know your self, no one will remember you: You are not Tracy R. Twyman.
Tracy R. Twyman will be remembered whether you are here or not.

You do Steal from the Dead

You do Harm the Living & the Dead

Restoring a sense of public decency in regards to Tracy R. Twyman's posthumous presence, against those who are creating an obscene public spectacle, as ensuring everyone to witness, of swinish drooling shamelessly over my deceased wife, with the approval of their not as self respecting, undignified spouses and whorish & selfish mothers; as the filth of the rabble like behavior is well demonstrated. Such behavior is of the inbred and of the low stock inbreeding

 Keep to your spouses and families No need to involve your spouses and families into this; If you are in, you are in, no out of it.

The more, the greater is Hell thus

Let go of the deceased Tracy R. Twyman
Cease from your Rapist necrophiliac tendecies

 Cease Stalking Tracy R. Twyman

Let go of my deceased wife, she is not yours, and never was;
You have been harassing & stalking Tracy R. Twyman Living and Dead
Let go of my late wife

Let her soul rest in peace

Cross of Lorraine

We do honor the word and wishes of Tracy R. Twyman in fighting Coypyrights Infringement of her Work and Books.

Al-Bustani v. Alger et al
 Case Number: 3:22-cv-05238
US District Court for the Western District of Washington
17 U.S.C. § 501 Copyright Infringement 


Tracy Twyman and Tracy Twyman Estate are not affiliated with the parties of "S. B. Alger", a.k.a. "Sean Alger", "Sean Bryan Alger", "SB Alger", "S B Alger"; 'S. B. Alger Studio', "James Maiden", a.k.a "Jim Maiden", nor 'Weaving Spider Web'.
Please be advised that the parties above are not hired nor endorsed by Tracy Twyman Estate.

Absolutely the parties above do not, nor their statemensts do represent Tracy Twyman nor the estate in any form.

The presumed association of the parties above with Tracy R. Twyman's image is fraudulent and did necessitate a legal action from Tracy R. Twyman Estate.

Nor the parties listed, are equipped with the sufficient intellectual capacity and necessary culture, nor do demonstrate a history of such, as the moral character is lacking, to postulate valid public "statements" regarding Tracy R. Twyman body of work, and "statements" regarding the histories of the late Tracy R. Twyman life and career.

Including statements that are advertised publicly by the parties above, regarding Tracy Twyman's 'religion' and "system of beliefs", and statements addressing her mental state and mental health
and the circumstances of Tracy's death.

Tracy Twyman, and her Estate, do not uphold nor are part of the "religion" and "system of beliefs" of the aforementioned parties as claimed and advertised publicly, as a defamatory statement, by the same parties in concern;

Nor the Estate allows Tracy Twyman posthumous presense to be derided by such claims; (generally and broadly) nor do consider, nor do regard any of the religious fanaticism of any pseudo sects, absurd sects, religious cults, and sub "system of beliefs"; nor do entertain the inherit bigotry and other vehement maladies of religious fanaticism, the hypocrisy, with such's sole ethos in canceling the 'other'; canceling the 'other's' right to human degnity, canceling the 'other's' identity, canceling the 'other's' history, canceling the 'other's' right to their 'system of beliefs', and canceling the 'other's' right to their own property.

(as demonstrated and "religiously" against the late Tracy Twyman and her Estate; with the never ceasing acts of maliceful defamation, accusations, tarnishing of Tracy R. Twyman reputation, and especially her Estate's reputation for perpetuators own benefits or in accordance with their "system of beliefs")
(For our European readers: such are prevalent in the Mid-West and the West Coast areas and states in the United States).

Nor Tracy Twyman and her estate did share "Tracy Twyman" mailing list with the parties aforementioned; nor we approve of the abuse that issues from the illegal usage of Tracy Twyman's mailing list by the parties aforementioned.

Nor Tracy Twyman, nor her Estate are part of 'Rx Only Picture Show' Discord servers activities including those of the moderators; nor are affiliated, nor endorse the "hate speech" statements that are expressed publicly within these servers including but not limited to statements that are defined as 'antisemitism' and express a sentiment of antisemitism.

 We absolutely do not tolerate hate, nor 'hate speech' in any form or expression.
Such is also against our ideology, ideals, humanism and what the Estate stands for. 

PlusUltra Club
"There is More Beyond"