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Tracy R. Twyman is NOT OK with Copyright Infringement
of her work: It is illegal

"I shook my head in an effort to snap myself back into reality. Then I dug into my phone and Google-image- searched until I found a website where some asshole had illegally uploaded a PDF of my book about Baphomet."

Tracy R. Twyman, from Genuflect


Tracy Twyman and Tracy Twyman Estate are not affiliated with the parties of 'S. B. Alger', 'S. B. Alger Studio', 'James Maiden', nor 'Weaving Spider Web'.

Please be advised that the parties above are not hired nor endorsed by Tracy Twyman Estate.

Absolutely the parties above do not, nor their statemensts do represent Tracy Twyman nor the estate in any form.

Including but not limited to, statements regarding Tracy Twyman's 'religion' and "system of beliefs", and statements regarding her mental state and health.

Tracy Twyman, and her Estate do not uphold nor are part of
the "religion" and "system of beliefs" of the aforementioned parties
as claimed publicly by the same parties; nor consider nor regard any of
the religious fanaticism of such pseudo cults and "system of beliefs"
nor the inherit bigotry and other maladies of religious fanaticism.

Nor Tracy Twyman and her estate did share "Tracy Twyman" mailing list with the parties afore mentioned; nor we approve of the abuse that issues from the illegal usage of Tracy Twyman's mailing list by the parties afore mentioned.

Nor Tracy Twyman, nor her Estate are part of 'Rx Only Picture Show' Discord servers activities including those of the moderators;
nor are affiliated, nor endorse the "hate speech" statements that are expressed publicly within these servers including but not limited to statements that are defined as 'antisemitism' and express a sentiment of antisemitism.

We absolutely do not tolerate hate, nor 'hate speech' in any form or expression. Such is also against our ideology and what the Estate stands for.